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DJ Starscream info for those interested

For those of you who have never heard any of Sid's stuff outside of Slipknot, here's a track for you to enjoy.
It's called "Slipknot Riot in New York Remix." The original song is simply called "Riot in New York" by Rob Gee- fellow DJ and lead singer of Ampt (one of Sid's many side project bands). Sid then remixed it.
(you need to have a real player in order to listen to the above track)

Also, DJ Starscream news from his website:
1) A lot of filming has been going on while on tour and during the breaks in between (this is some crazy shit…), get ready for “DJ Starscream Volume 1 – Live Your Life”, a full length DVD featuring DJ Starscream onstage with Slipknot and solo performances around the world, freestyle street bikes and mass mayhem and destruction. Look for release in early 2005...
2) After a relentless schedule, the Slipknot touring is winding down for a while. We figure we’ll give Starscream a little rest then we’re kicking him out on his own for a few dates. Check the tour section periodically for updates...
3) DJ Starscreams “Full Metal Scratch-it” is out on N2O records. This 12” scratch record contains 44 tracks, which is every sample and breakbeat utilized by DJ Starscream # (0) on all three Slipknot album releases and is the only record used by Starscream on tour…SPECIAL COLLECTORS ADVANCE COPY available through N2O/Freeburning records...

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