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new here

Hello everyone, I'm new to this community thingy.

My name is sian(call me Shazz), I'm 17 and I'm from the UK. First off I just wanna say that Sid is the shit and is also the sweetest guy to chat with.
I've seen Slipknot 5 times: London astoria one off gig, France supporting metallica, and cardiff and two london dates on their unholy alliance tour with Slayer.
So if anyone was at those gigs we can talk about stuffage^_^
I've met them 5 times as well, although individual members like corey and joey i've also met during their stone sour and murderdolls tours.
The whole band are really lovely guys(lol,sounds fucking strange for slipknotXD) expecially Sid and Corey.
So um,yeah. Hello, lol.


p.s. FILF!!
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